Friday, September 23, 2011

Strong Shoulder+Surprise!

This hasn't been the best couple of days. The camera that I use to take all my pictures has finally bit the dust (it is literally one of the first digitals that came out on the market and a hand-me-down from my's about 11 years old. I knew this day was coming) and I cannot forsee in the near future me being able to replace it with anything decent. Hence the not-so-great quality of the pictures below.

 Knit Moto Jacket-Converse @ Target
Knit Skirt-Express
Puff-sleeve embellished tee-Belk
Braclets-both Wal-mart

             I love the detailing on the shoulder of this top. This is also one of the necklaces that I wear the most-it was so cheap! Wal-mart is carrying more and more awesome costume jewelry.

And now for the surprise...if you follow my blog closely, you might have noticed I've hinted around some. But here it is.........

Yep!! The G baby is going to be a BIG BROTHER!! This Spring! This is my teeny tiny baby bump, which has appeared much much sooner than last time. I still had to arch my back a bit for effect, otherwise it kinda just looks like I ate too many waffles for breakfast this morning, hehe. My husband and I are very excited and it's been a whole different experience this time being an experienced wife and mother rather than a college student/model. Last time I literally had to cancel plans to move into a model apartment in about where life (God) takes you! So there's my news.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!



Momma Go Round


Cerrisse said...

Yay! that is so exciting :) So happy for you.

caramelchica said...

I love the embellished shoulder too!
And congrats again. I know what you mean... I was 14wks along with my 1st when I walked in my last show and I was SOOO terrified that they could tell! But no one said a word...

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

Oh my goodness congrats. I caught ur hint on a post recently & actually read back through ur last months post to make sure I didn't miss an announcement. I am so happy for your little family!

Susan said...

How exciting! Heartfelt congrats to you and your family. Are you feeling good? The early months can be tough!

Jaimee said...

LOVE a baby bump! Congratulations : )

VDOprincess said...

Whaaaaaat? So many congratulations! I can't wait to see how you rock out being a pregnant lady: I'll look to you for ideas. :D

Mila said...

OMG LEAH! I'm so excited for you and your family. Ahhh! Perfect season to be pregnant too :) Congrats!

Natasha said...

yay congrats! :)

Michelle said...


Also--did you get that skirt years back? I think I have the same one!