Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Tili Bags Collection GIVEAWAY!!!

I am so excited to announce that I just received the new collection of Tili Bags and am going to be hosting another giveaway!!

Many of your might remember these stylish little baggies from my post about them HERE. For those of you that don't, here's the deal:
Tili bags is a company that makes super-chic printed functional and reusable zip-and-seal baggies to keep all those Ziploc baggies that you are always using from cramping your style. I have used my first set of Tili bags for everything-for toiletries when I'm traveling (because you know you always have that one bottle that leaks in your bathroom bag!), to storing Q-tips and cotton balls, to keeping my makeup from messing up my purse. At the beach this summer, I kept my camera and phone in a Tili bag to protect them from sand in my beach bag.

Also, if you own an Etsy shop and are looking for an extra special touch to filling out your orders, popping your outgoing order in a little Tili bag is another great idea! (I've done it for mine)

Here are my favorite uses though, the ones that I truly could not live without:
 Ever since my husband bought me an amazing Sephora makeup brush set, I have been obsessed with keeping my makeup bag and contents in pristine condition. This is my beautiful Milly makeup bag. Every couple weeks, I take my makeup out and wipe each piece off with a baby wipe and then wipe the inside of the bag with one as well. My Physician's Formula bronzer is to blame as the top is busted and it gets EVERYWHERE. Why not just buy a new one? Because I've been using this stuff for five years now and every. single. compact. breaks. No joke! But it's worth it. Especially now because I just keep my bronzer in a cute little Tili bag which keeps the rest of my stuff safe while it keeps my makeup bag set-up looking chic!
                                                          The culprit in it's new home.
My other Tili bag STAPLE is using one of the large ones to keep my bangles and bracelets in. They were literally just thrown about my chest of drawers because I can't imagine how much it would cost me to buy a jewelry box large enough to store them in. Now they have a beautiful bag of their own and not only does it keep them all in one place but the bag looks beautiful on my dresser.

The new collection is beautiful, and what I really love is that the colors are just as vibrant as their last one but uses rich colors that are great for Fall.

Pretty awesome, right?

I am giving one lucky reader a large AND small box of these awesome Tili bags! 
To enter:

1) Must be a follower of Life as Leah.
2) Must go to the Tili Bag website and leave me a comment telling me the name of your favorite color combo. Their website is so cute, so I'm really doing you a favor, lol.

For an additional entry, you can blog about this giveaway, and leave me a comment telling me that you did so!

You have from now until next Tuesday to enter! Good luck everyone!!

Thank you so much to Tili Bags for making this possible : )




Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Those bags are too cute! Love the fuchsia-aqua ones!

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

Its so hard to choose their all so cute. I love the fuchsia aqua combo.

Danelle Edwards said...

Yay! I figured out how to post a comment! Only on this link though. lol I absolutely love the Fuscia-Aqua, and the Hunter Teal. These bags are such a great idea, I always have trouble with make up spilling in my makeup bag, and shampoo leaking in my pool bag!

Mila said...

I still love the fuchsia aqua combo.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I like the hunter teal ones, and I am following you!

Danae Jones said...

I love the turquoise and chocolate combo - love your blog, by the way!

Tessa Sims said...

I love the hunter-teal!! This is an awesome idea! :) My makeup bag is always getting messy with powder! Also like the blue-chocolate!

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