Friday, October 7, 2011

Tunic Time+Tips for wearing over-the-knee boots

I bought this awesome Karen Kane tunic this Spring on clearance at Belk for literally $100 off (it was originally $118-I got it for about $16.) It's silk and feels so luxurious, not to mention big enough for my growing tummy!

Okay, so...over-the-knee boots are awesome, but a little hard to pull off. My advice is to wear them with either:
-Tailored shorts. (Not jean shorts. I feel like if you have an amazing pair of over-the-knee brown suede boots, this could be an exception though.)
-A full skirt. Just make sure that the boots rise above the hem, as in you can't see where the boots end, OR make sure the boots end at least an inch below the hem of your skirt. Don't ask me just works. Basically, if your boots end right where your skirt begins, it's going to look weird.
-And of course, really tight jeans or pants.

black Nine West boots - black Urban Outfitters skirt

See how the boots disappear under the skirt?






Anonymous said...

Have to admit I love the first source outfit. Not a fan of red but that is such a cute outfit... Also I love your tunic!! Awesome deal.

Cerrisse said...

ooh! I love that top, so cute :)

Elizabeth {sunny bug} said...

I LOVE that color blue (tunic) - I think it looks great on pretty much all skin tones. That will be a great season transition top (even more bang for your buck when you can wear it through more than one season!)

Tanya WALL officiel said...

Love the looks on the photo, I'm a great fan of over the knee and thigh high boots ! there are for me the best shoes for a complete chic outfits combination.