Monday, October 10, 2011

What I REALLY wore

Yep. This is my outfit of the day. The picture is blurry, but it serves it's purpose. When I get home from whatever errands I'm running, I change immediately back into my pajamas. Everytime my husband comes home and I'm still in jeans, you'd think I'm going off to prom or something. Which is good in some ways (I mean, if I want to impress my spouse all i have to do is slap on some jeans) but kinda tells me I might need to step it up a notch around the house. This (below) is actually stepping it up a notch. Usually pajamas for me consists of either my husbands sweatpants (if I'm cold) or shorts (if I'm hot) and a baggy t-shirt. If I'm feeling really sexy, I'll wear my big blue fuzzy robe over the shorts and t-shirt. lol.

This pj legging/long sleeve tee set from Victoria's Secret would actually look pretty cute if I didn't have my husband's tube socks on. Side note, this is one of two pj tops that I actually wear out in public as a regular top. Please don't judge me.

Hmmm...laptop-check. Bible-check. Instyle magazine-check. Yep...must be G baby naptime! Only this sight is getting rarer and rarer these days...because now I'm usually face down on our living room couch listening to either Giada at Home or Martha Stewart Living while I take a nap myself. Giada and Martha both have soothing voices. If Rachel Ray comes on, I wake up. hehe.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I am having a great day today because 1)After physically feeling like crap took a complete toll on my attitude and morale for the past week I did some serious praying last night to snap out of it and woke up in a much better mood and relatively low nausea.
and 2) I won an awesome giveaway from The Posh Daisy Shop!! I am so excited!!
If you follow blogs, you really should try to participate in giveaways when you can. This is the SECOND time I have won a giveaway-the first was some really amazing Mary Kay mascara from the awesome blog Raising Rylin which I totally meant to do a review for but haven't gotten around to yet.
You just never know, and most of the giveaways out there are AWESOME!




Christa said...

i think you should dress like that every day and even run your errands in that outfit :) i love it

Cerrisse said...

PJ's are the BEST! I am usually in them until 12 everyday!!
Thanks for the mention girl!

Anonymous said...

so cute leah! & i do the exact same thing right when i get home, strip off the cute stuff & slap on the most comfy :]

Anonymous said...

I've ran errands in my Pj's before and nobody knew lol. I entered a few contest and giveaways today. You never know if you get lucky and congrats on your wins.

Natasha said...

cute :)