Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Toddler Tuesday

G baby,

Every morning I wake up to the pitter-pat of little feet walking across the tile floor of the den and then a wee little 'mommy?' once you enter our room. You almost never make it to our room without me waking up first, but the times that you do usually make me jump out of my skin and then I feel like an asshole because I know when I gasp awake it probably scares the crap out of you.
This week I have learned that you hold a grudge.
A few days ago our dog Miles ran in front of you outside on the patio and knocked you down, giving you a pretty nasty skinned knee. Since then, he has gotten the cold shoulder (you won't play ball with him, no matter how many times he drops his ball at your feet) as well as just your anger. (Every now and then you look down at your knee, scowl and say, "Mean Miles. I think I hit him." To which I reply, yes he was mean to not look where he was going and knock you down, but no, you cannot hit him.
I'm not sure how long this grudge is going to last, but I feel like it's possible you're going to hold on to this a while.
ball buddies no more.

Three is proving to be a hard age for a tired pregnant mommy to deal with. Although you are getting past the defiant-for-no-reason-at-all stage that started around 2 1/2, you are extremely exhausting to be around, for both awesome and not so awesome reasons. Every four seconds, you ask a question. I am actually fairly certain this is not an exaggeration. 
"Where we going?" "Why we going?" "Which way we going?" (I don't get this one-you want directions??) "Think we pass a combine?" "Think combine be cutting cotton?" "Think we pass combine on way home?" "Where we going?" "Think grandpa's poop smell stinky?" "Think you poop stinky?"  "Think you play with me when we get home?" "Think we play cars?" "Think gammy's poop stinky?" "Where we going?"

All of those would occur in about thirty seconds, no joke. I literally tire myself out simply talking as much as it requires to answer your questions. 
But, you also say a lot of things that are really hilarious. The other day, we had to dash inside twice while playing outside because you thought you needed to poop, only to have false alarms. The third time we went in, I suggested that you just sit for a while on the potty, because sometimes pooping takes a while. You replied,
"I TWY make poop, but my booty-butt NO LISTEN TO ME!!!" 
I know the feeling?

I'm also trying to figure out how you could possibly have seen the movie Borat, because you sound just like him sometimes. You have this way of saying, "HuuuuH?" in a sing-song way just like him after you announce something.
"This big motorcycle I have 'ere, HuuuuH?" "We go to park today, HuuuuH?" I mean you sound like a middle-eastern street vendor. But it's funny.

You have also slyly learned to say, "I ove my family" on a regular basis after I explained to you that sometimes people cry when they are really happy, because you notice that it makes me tear up a little every time you say it.
You are also very excited to know that you are going to have a little brother. You are already calling him Ari. I'm not totally sure why you have promised yourself a brother, since we keep trying to tell you that it might be a girl, but I guess we'll see how it plays out.  Love you G baby.



Olga said...

hahaha! He is so cute! He sounds like my 3 1/2 year old! She is always asking me so many questions even if she knows the answers to them!

Congrats on your pregnancy!! How exciting!

caramelchica said...

Yes! Preschoolers are so adorably exhausting. Sometimes minus the adorable part LOL
My daughter was convinced she was getting a sister, but when brother popped out, she was still ecstatic. Now she wants another brother. I think they have to be a bit older to really get upset about the baby's sex, thankfully.