Friday, October 21, 2011

My Beauty Faves!

A week or so ago, I posted about the products that are on my Beauty Blacklist, or in other words, that I absolutely wasted my money on.
Now I want to share with you some of my all-time favorite beauty must-haves.

 When it comes to facial cleansers, this stuff is pretty boss. My husband even requests it, and says he thinks it really does keep his face in check...and you have to understand, his input on beauty products is pretty few and far between. With tiny exfoliating grains, this stuff really gets your face clean but doesn't irritate, not even my super-sensitive pregnancy skin. (Seriously, what's up with your freakin' skin when you're preggos?)
 Pond's Cold Cream. When I wear makeup, it usually involves both eyeliner and a good bit of mascara, which is killer to remove at the end of the night. Instead of torturing my eyes with bunches of face soap, I use this stuff with a cotton ball to remove most of my eye makeup before I wash my face. It's not expensive, and the tub lasts a really long time-as you can tell, mine is looking a little rough because I've had it for months.
 Loreal Translucide Loose Powder.
You probably won't find this stuff in stores, but Ulta carries it online. When I use this stuff on my face, I truly do not get oily all day. Every time, I almost can't believe it. It also smells great and doesn't break out my skin. It's not shimmery, but not too matte either. It is just a really really great product.
 Although I am still looking forward to trying some of the concealers that some of you guys suggested, I bought this stuff last week because it was on clearance. OMG. Not only does it truly help shrink a pimple by the end of the day, it covers extremely well and blends good too. What keeps it from being perfect is that you do have to reapply throughout the day because it wears easily. But it blends so well that reapplying is a cinch and it covers so well that to me, it's worth it. I will also note that it comes it light, light-medium, and medium. Though I am extremely pale right now, I got the light-medium and it works well, which leads me to believe that this stuff runs a little light.
Cover Girl brow & eye makers in soft brown.
If you don't currently use an eyebrow pencil, try it and it will change your life. I plan very soon to do a before/after of brow pencil picture of myself to show you guys-the difference is just crazy. Brows are the frame of your face, and filling them in a little does wonders. This color is very light, and works on ANY brow color-seriously.

There you go guys........what are some of YOUR beauty faves?



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Dusty said...

Thanks for this post! I love the clear pore cleaser from Neutragena. Faboo!!!!!! Hope your feeling well through your baby in the belly time!