Thursday, July 12, 2012

Red Dress.

I scored this awesome red dress today at Belk for 70% off...Ari and I dropped the men off at Lowe's and went next door to Belk to do some's awesome having a daughter! Plus, Ari loves to shop. She is sooo sleepy in the car and usually falls asleep in the car seat and doesn't really even wake up when we get her out and put her in the stroller...but as soon as she hears the screech of me moving a hanger on a rack, her eyes pop open and she looks all alert and is like, 'yo Ma, we shopping?!?'

 Dress-New Directions by Belk
Espadrilles-Colin Stuart @ Victoria's Secret
Bracelets-Burlington Coat Factory
Earrings-Icing by Claire's

Check out what I'm laughing at below..

 Baby A eating on her hands and acting all sneaky

 So cute I had to pick her up and love on her (The G baby's napping)
                                     "hi Dad!"



pleated poppy


Mila said...

LEAH! I've been go so long that I didn't even know you had that beautiful baby already. Oh gee! I'm so happy for you. Now excuse me while I stalk your profile to find out about everything that has been going on with you :)

You look beautiful, as always.

Naturally Carly said...

Oh wow! I love that dress. What an excellent find. You wear it well.

Katie said...

what a beautiful dress! you look amazing!! and what a cute baby too. :)

Cassi Brightforest said...

That dress is amazing on you.

Real Girl Glam said...

I don't have a Belk near by me anymore, but when I did, they always had the BEST things on the clearance racks! Such a great dress and I love that clutch!

Mehak said...

Awww.. she's soo cute!!! :)
Love your dress and that cuff!!! :))


CC said...

Love that dress on you! And and clutch is adorable as is the baby. Although, the baby is more adorable than the clutch. Just so we're clear on that. ;)

Mellissa Rose said...

Love, love, love the dress! You look stunning! Stopping over from WIWW.