Thursday, May 31, 2012

Life Dilemmas of a Young 'Hip' Mom's no secret that not-too-long-ago I was just your average college student who went to more parties than class. My first pregnancy was a *surprise* for me and my husband (then boyfriend), who were at the time both just college students living at the beach. Since then, life has changed (obviously). As far as we've come together now as parents and a married couple, I would like to think that we're pretty responsible and relatively good and making this whole thing work. Still, there are some things that remain the same-after all, I'm still young! Here's a following list of some of the dilemmas that I face as my identity continue to evolve and change. (The following is meant to be funny-but also pretty much true.)

-Is it okay to wear to wear my favorite black and neon skull t-shirt to storytime at the library? Or is that going to scare the kids?

-Panty peek. I feel that your underwear slipping up past your jeans when you bend over is about 1000x more unacceptable if you are toting around a baby. Especially if there's leopard print involved, and especially if it's a thong. But sometimes no matter how careful you are, wardrobe malfunctions happen.

-Changing whatever is in my car's CD player to Snoop Dogg every time that I make a quick solo trip to the store, just doesn't feel the same as it used to. It's hard to feel like a gangster with a carseat in the back and half of a T-Rex sticker permanently stuck to my back window.

-Do I have to suddenly pretend that I think marijuana is evil?

-What do I do when I tell my 3-year-old that he can't have an Oreo because he didn't finish his dinner, when I really want an Oreo, and I also didn't finish my dinner?

-When you have a child that has learned to speak and therefore repeat everything you say, the use of the word 'douche bag' has to be laid to rest. Which is a shame, because sometimes you really have to call it like you see it.

-Drinking. Always going to be a dilemma. It's not that you can't drink-the baby WILL go to bed eventually, leaving to your own adult devices. But you might want to think twice about playing 'Circle of Death' with a bottle of cheap wine when your brother comes to visit, because a hangover with a toddler poking you in the face at 6 a.m. is a whole 'nother ballgame then it is when you're in college and can just sleep it off until 4 p.m. the next day.

-Bob Marley t-shirts? Inappropriate? Still cool to wear? Not sure about this one, but I have decided that randomly yelling "Rastafiiiiiiiiiiii" is out. bummer.

-Short shorts. Unfortunately, it wasn't until AFTER I had the G baby that I realized that my legs are actually one of my best physical features and I should be showing them off. Not sure why I didn't have the confidence in high school/college as a young adult. But now that I actually want to wear little shorties and some wedges, I'm not sure if the old lady behind me in the grocery line is judging my 2 inch inseam+2 baby combo.

Lol, That's my list! What are your awkward modern-day young parent dilemmas?



And for laughs, a relatively inappropriate old picture of me (though even more inappropriate pic of my BFF Lauren) during roommate daquiri night at our college apartment:



Anonymous said...

the third one...constantly. i feel all G for about five seconds and then question the appropriateness. -Megan M

Jameson, Meg, Lucy and Otis said...

love this! i am a young mom too and constantly feel like im on 16 and pregnant when i take my daughter to "moms group" stuff. so nice to see someone else dealing with being a mom and in your 20s. rock on with the bob marley ts and snoop dog!

caramelchica said...

I'm constantly switching the "adult" cds and the kid cds!
And I don't think there is anything wrong with short-shorts. Two kids doesn't negate great legs! ;)

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