Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's a beautiful life

I just pirated these photos from my husband's iPhone, and they made me giggle. Enjoy!

                                                     Proud big brother.

                                           I like my burritos pink and snuggly.


                                         My husband and I at his honors fraternity pinning.
                                    John Deere dealership=one happy G baby.

                                   Just two kids, being silly.

                                       Bubbles McGee.

                                                 Over the rainbow.

                              Thumbs up from the boys at my Ob-Gyn.

                              Swinging at the park, approximately 36 hours before I went into labor.

And guess what else? Little Foot is 2 weeks old today! Tomorrow is her two week check-up, where I'm sure they will tell me that she is gaining weight like a champ. She is getting too big for all her newborn stuff, it's ridiculous! I might have me 9 pounds of baby girl by now, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow......



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