Monday, April 16, 2012

Watch Me Grow

I'm still alive, yo! After a huge breaky break mostly due to lack of free time (since my blogging time falls during G baby's nap time, and I have been napping myself this whole pregnancy) I am slowly coming back to you. To all 86 of you who currently follow me through GFC, thank you so much for sticking with me.
Here's a little peek at what's been happening with me...
I think this was around 10 weeks. It's hard to remember looking like this, lol!

                                                            Around 12 weeks
                                                                         18 weeks
                                                                 20 weeks!
                                                                      About 22 weeks!
                                                                       24 weeks
                                                                              26 weeks
                                               28 weeks......this is my favorite maternity purchase-sweatsuit from Target!
                                                 31  weeks....still hiking with the boys!
                                                      33 week bump in the nursery!
                                I actually tie-dyed this white maternity tee myself!
                   35 weeks...for some reason, the only maternity stuff I saved from G baby were two bathing suits and a pair of jeans. But since it's been so hot, the suits have been pretty handy!

                                      37 weeks, videotaping G baby's Easter egg hunt last Sunday! This is actually a maxi skirt I am wearing as a dress...since I've outgrown even most of my maternity clothing!
38 weeks
                                                                          any day now!!!



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Annie said...

Leah, I just found your blog - and wanted to say, these pics are absolutely gorgeous :)

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