Wednesday, April 18, 2012

bracelet?'s my outfit of the day for the first time in a couple months, but mainly I wanted to share a new product with you that I think is pretty genius, since my fashion choices these days are much less about what looks good and much more about what I can squeeze into. Seriously, my maternity clothes are ALL almost too small, especially jeans/pants. Ouchy.

 I had some errands to run this morning, and it's actually a bit chilly out, which is a nice change. One of my maternity wear secrets that I am utilizing here is wearing a non-maternity dress as a tunic over maternity leggings. You will find that wearing jeans, even maternity jeans, is more or less UNCOMFY once you are giantly pregnant. Maternity leggings (mine are from Old Navy) stay pretty comfortable the entire pregnancy, but let's face it-you need something long to cover the ever-expanding rear pretty well, and most tops aren't going to cut it. This dress is from Target, and I can wear it long after I have this baby. I like the idea of incorporating clothes that aren't 'maternity' into your maternity wardrobe, because it's such a shame to throw so much money down the drain on clothes you will wear at max, 9 months.

Also, nice fanny pack right? Maybe I will bring them back?? Jk...BUT I am trying this one out (gifted from my Dad at XMas) because this is my genius solution to needing a purse while carrying around a newborn. If I remember correctly, it was no walk in the park last time. I probably accidentally knocked the G baby in the face with my purse on a daily basis the first six months of his life, so here's to avoiding any purse-related accidents while having a convenient front pocket for my keys and cash. Grocery store with two kids, here I come!!
 To brighten up my all-black ensemble, I chose a lightweight neon yellow scarf that I scored from Target. Target, by the way, has an incredible scarf collection in their stores right now.

 Now for my new discovery-Goody Double Wear Textured Elastics.
GoodyDouble Wear Textured Elastics

You may or may not have heard of these before, but I just discovered them. Basically, they are hair elastics that double as bracelets. I am always embarrassingly pulling a neon-colored scrunchie off my arm once I am out in public, forgetting that I have left it there, just in case. I struggle between leaving one on my arm because I KNOW I am going to need it, and leaving it at home because as someone who already looks young for their age, I don't need any help looking like a high-schooler. Especially while I'm visibly pregnant and toting around a three-year-old.
These babies are so stylish that you can hardly even tell which one below is my hair-elastic, and not just a natural part of my arm party!

Yep. It's this one closest to my wrist, but still you have to admit-pretty inconspicuous!
They come in packs of three in both gold and silver tone, but I chose the gold. Love!!

You might notice I'm still ridiculously pregnant. 9 1/2 months to be exact. Just waiting at this point and praying that I avoid a C-section (I had some complications last time and the G baby came via emergency C-section after a placental abruption). If you're a person of faith and you're reading this, please pray for a safe and natural birth for us. I am trying to stay positive and every bit helps!



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