Thursday, December 8, 2011

Throw on and Go Classic...

I had an OB appointment early this morning, and between getting the three of us up, fed, and ready, and the twenty minute drive there, I didn't have a lot of time to dress myself. It's even harder to grab an outfit and go these days because of course some things either just don't look good right now or aren't comfortable.
Here's a classic 'throw on and go' outfit-A slouchy sweater, skinny jeans, and booties that will look great whether you're expecting or not!
I added some pearl studs and chunky rings to keep it simple but add some girly touches since the boyfriend sweater has such a masculine feel to it.
Sweater-my husband's
Jeans-Motherhood Maternity

20 weeks!!

I also got just a couple pictures of my running-errands outfit yesterday, before my camera died. Just a cotton tunic and some leggings, but it was actually one of the most comfortable preggo outfits I've worn so far (not counting pajamas, of course!)
 Tunic-Wal-mart (I got it on clearance for literally $7!)
Leggings-Old Navy Maternity
Earrings-Kendra Scott
And there's my wee bump again! I really liked this outfit because it skimmed my stomach enough for me to look pregnant (I still feel a little self-conscious about being in that stage where it looks like you're gaining weight but isn't always obvious that you're pregnant), but wasn't tight or form fitting.

I'm trying to drag myself through the rest of this day...the G baby woke up at 5:20 this morning, which is about an hour earlier than hour really makes a difference these days!



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Cerrisse said...

You look beautiful girl! You have that glow :)