Thursday, December 1, 2011

L's Fabulous Finds Under Fifty (bucks)!

I have been a blogging failure lately. To put it mildly, my motivation is in the shitter. But don't take it personally, because I haven't even been motivated enough to send my husband a Christmas wish-list, and usually by this point he will have already gotten three different ones emailed to him by now! Which is why I am able to provide you with my latest amazing internet finds, as my search for what this pregnant lady wants for Christmas goes on. Side note, I have all my shopping done for my family and mostly wrapped, yeahhh!

I love this simple but sexy dress for the upcoming holiday party season (or work even!) The gold buttoned back is an awesome addition.
Image 4 of ASOS Button Back Dress with Long Sleeves    Image 2 of ASOS Button Back Dress with Long Sleeves
(Asos always gives you free shipping, no matter how much you spend=awesome!)

How funny are these personalized 'Real Housewives of .........(you fill in the blank with your city or town)' t-shirts? They come in short-sleeved as well.
Personalized Real Housewife Shirts

I really love the structure of this jacket, it looks really luxe for the price.
Salt And Pepper Jacket II
Need Supply-$48

I have to say that a fitted long sleeve black tee under this jacket would be amazing.


Needham Lane is a southern company that has to-die-for hostess gifts. These slippers come in a ton of colors and designs-I love them all!
Dorset Red canvas slippers    Lark slippers  Violet slippers
Needham Lane-$30

Magic wand salt and pepper shakers?? Too cute!
Salt & Magic Shakers
Francesca's Collection-$12


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

That green dress... wow.

Blandy Jean said...

Love the Need Supply jacket. And the salt and pepper shakers, cute!

Cerrisse said...

Miss you Leah!!! I hope all is well cute girl :)