Monday, February 21, 2011

Intro to my life

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my first post. I have decided to write a blog because 1.) I currently have no other clear-cut career goals
2.) I have always loved to write and am desperate for a creative outlet 3.) get bored during my son's naptime

I feel semi-concerned that starting a blog about your life, thoughts, ideas, etc. kind of paints one in an egotistical light, but as an adult, I have learned about the value of confidence, and I do have confidence in my taste for fashion, food, and my writing talent! So here we are!

A little about my life.....(those of you who know me well may want to skip this part) I am currently 23 years old...married for a little over 8 months to the most unique man I have met, my husband Eric. He is extremely busy working hard at his doctorate of pharmacy degree so that leads me to my job....full-time care of our two-and-a-half year old son Gabriel.

Between diaper changes, play-doh, and toy trains, I find time to explore the world of fashion, spirituality (I follow the Christian faith through a personal relationship with Christ), and something I get to practice everyday-the culinary arts! Look forward to many tips, tricks, and tales to come!!


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The Lovely Knowing said...

A wonderful blog to visit! Thank you for sharing all your passion with us.