Monday, December 17, 2012

Life as Leah v. 6

 G baby eating Thanksgiving dinner by himself.

 Who dis drawn on my baby head?

 Vintage Tommy makes me feel fierce. By vintage, I mean I've had this since 9th grade, lol.

 Gabriel took this picture of Ars.


 How the Beamons do Belk.

 Pajama time.

 Towel cocoon.

 Trying to get a smile from the cocoon...

Daddy's girl.





Parlor Girl said...

LOVE your glasses and your vintage Tommy sweater. Great blog-keep up the good work! PG

Parlor Girl said...

They are PRECIOUS!!! Love the cross on your wall too :]

The Parlor Girl

Parlor Girl said...

Well I am officially a comment stalker... Lol JK
Hey I know you are crazy busy but I nominated you for something over on my blog, check it out ;] No Pressure! Hope all is well!!!

The Parlor Girl

Tanya WALL officiel said...

very cute !

Republik Hijab said...

Love your glasses!

Republik Hijab,
Inspirasi Hijab Fashion Indonesia

Devin_Jae said...

It's been over a year since you've posted and I'm hoping all is well with your family. I always loved reading about the babes and seeing your great fashion sense.