Monday, October 1, 2012

Bad hair day

Sometimes...for some reason or another you are rockin' some really bad third-day hair. My hair is pretty long and drying time is a nasty, nasty b***h!! It just doesn't work for me to wash it when (and if!) I get to shower in the morning, and sometimes I am just too tired by the time the babies are in bed to do it in the evening. For whatever reason, sometimes my hair is in bad enough shape that I have to come to terms with the fact that I have to wear a hat if I want to leave my house.
Then it's kind of a bummer...because I feel like if I wear a nice outfit with a baseball cap it's going to look kind of stupid. Normally I would go with shorts and a tee with sneakers, but since it was the weekend and my husband was with me I was determined not to waste the chance to look cute : ) So I kept the sporty look but added some sequins and jewels to dress it up and make it an actual outfit. I actually felt really good in this! (But I still couldn't run a brush through my hair.)

Sequin Bow tee-JcPenny
Jeans-Victoria's Secret
Cardigan-Old Navy
Hat-(My Dad's)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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Anonymous said...

What! Your hair looks amazing even though its under a hat. I wish my hair looked that good on one of my bad hair days. Your outfit is cute and comfy :). RoRos World

Rachel said...

You still look gorgeous! My hat of choice for when I haven't washed my hair is a fedora--they instantly make me feel cool and stylish and my messy hair is covered up, so it's a win/win situation!

Niki Caron said...

Girl, if this is a bad hair day I am super jealous! You look amazing! I looked like a lion with the humidity yesterday - it was so not pretty!

xo Niki

Understated Classics Clare said...

How simple! Yet you look so chic! I must go to JCP and find that shirt- so fun yet so elegant! I love your blog, and have added myself to your followers. Hope you can stop by Understated Classics!

Stopping by from the link up...
Understated Classics

Paige said...

Still looks pretty great for a bad hair day!!!

Samantha said...


You look great! I think your hair still looks great under the cap! And Sporty + Glitter = FAB! :)

xo, sam
**Style of Sam**

Carrie Teal said...

Leah I love your sense of style, even if you think you are having a bad hair day you look fabulous, so I gave you a little award.


The Fashion Diva said...

Despite the fact that you said you had a bad hair day, I still think your look is clean and polished. Besides, the hat add an added twist and spin to your look. Oh and your hair underneath looks great!

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