Friday, September 28, 2012

I see your t shirt and I raise you one button-down

I feel like fashion bloggers typically blog about their outfits for one of two reasons-either they live some fabulous life in a big city with an awesome job that requires them to look their best every day so therefore they want to document the greatness, or they blog because they maybe don't have a lot of 'fashion' in their everyday lives and need some sort of creative outlet (me). 
I don't get out much. Not only am I a stay-at-home mom to two children, I also live in the country. So there isn't a lot of call for me to get dressed up very often. So for me, simply running errands is an excuse to dig into my closet and put an outfit together. 
The only problem is that you do have to find that balance of not looking like you are trying too hard. My biggest issue of this is when I am just running to the store or something with my husband (sorry babe). I have to base what I am going to wear on what he has on, because if he is wearing a t-shirt and jeans and I have on a dress and heels, I am just going to look crazy. 
He goes to the closet...will he select a polo? A button-down? Ah,'s apparently a t-shirt day. (We were  just headed to an outdoor outfitters store.) In his defense, he has to dress in a shirt and tie every day so I can't blame him for wanting to dress down on the weekends, and he's actually not into shorts so the most casual he gets is a nice pair of jeans and a solid colored tee...but still that means I have to go pretty casual. 
I try to get away with as much of a fashionable spin as I can, so below is my answer to his jeans and tee. A casual outfit with shorts and a plain top, with some gold jewelry and flat sandals.
 Shirt-Old Navy
Bracelet-Burlington Coat Factory

Also, I am rocking some second (or maybe third) day hair and had to pull it back...I am more reluctant to dress more plainly when my hair is not looking the's like, I have to make up for my hair with my outfit. Make sense? Anyone else the same way? lol.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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caramelchica said...

I'm definitely another one in the category of trying not to dress in clothes I slept in just because I barely leave my house for more than groceries and bus stop runs.
My husband sometimes changes because he feels too bummy relative to my take on "casual." LOL
Love the shorts!

Carrie Teal said...

You look great. I love fashion because I feel like as a mom, we take care of ourselves last. Fashion is my way of making sure I still feel good about myself. My husband always make fun of me because, he says I am getting dressed up for kids. I always tell him I am not doing it for anyone, but myself. I think its great to take any moment to take care of ourselves. I love your style.

Heather said...

Those shorts are fabulous- I can't believe they are from Target! You look so chic and put together ;)


Margaret Ruskin said...

That outfit is completely adorable! Love it!

Anonymous said...

What a vibrant color on you! I feel the same way when I have day-old hair. I feel the need to go the extra mile to look better!

Stopping by from Pleated Poppy. Hope you stop by my blog!


Emily Devine said...

I love your blog! You have an adorable sense of style. This outfit is too cute, love the shorts!

Amarjeet Prasad said...

I keep reading it all over again.

simonis dog bandana
I love my hubby T-shirt