Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Date Night

We've recently cut out naps (finally) for our four-year-old G baby, and as a result have moved to an earlier bedtime. So now both babies are typically in bed by 7:30, leaving some much-needed quality time for me and the husband. While this usually means that we are lying in bed watching Breaking Bad or Mad Men on Netflix, a couple nights ago after we got the kids in bed, we had my mother-in-law 'babysit' while we went out to dinner. I left a bottle of expressed milk just in case Ari woke up hungry, but they both slept the entire time we were gone! 
We just hit up a local sports bar that has decent food (did I mention we live in the middle of nowhere) so that we wouldn't have to drive too far. As much as I wanted to break out a dress and heels, I knew I'd be more comfortable at this particular place by just going casual.

Shorts-vintage DIY cutoffs
Earrings-Urban Outfitters



pleated poppy


caramelchica said...

Good job getting out of the house together! Cute casual date outfit.

Amanda said...

i love the cool casual rock it! and yay or getting a little night out!

Rachel said...

Great casual outfit...but I love your hair! It's perfect!

Kimberly said...

I like this casual look. Its always nice to get out for a bit alone with your hubby. Visiting from the pleated poppy.

Nicole said...

Casual look works but those boots add some flare :) good for you and hubby to take time w-I kids. So important!

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