Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Since the G baby has been older for some time now, I forgot how many wardrobe restrictions there are when it comes to dealing with a baby-no dry clean only items, no poke-y jewelry, no delicate dangly earrings, no strapless tops, etc. It's kind of a challenge finding things to wear that won't make me uncomfortable while out with Ari. I don't want any bangles pressing into her head when I hold her, or any tops that are going to let you see down my shirt while I bend over to put her in her carseat. I also don't want my nice silk shirts getting spit up on! (Although she's a lady, so she pukes very little compared to her brother, who I frequently had to change due to soaking himself with spit up.)
I am a huge fan of statement necklaces, but I hate that they press into Ari's face when I burp her or have her up against my shoulder. I feel naked without some sort of neck adornment I've decided that for now, a lightweight summer scarf is the ideal replacement. It's so hard to find one that is truly lightweight enough to keep me cool though, and this one from Target is actually truly light.
Didn't get a ton of pictures since the baby woke my eyes are closed, hehe

Yellow is fun to wear with a bright pink lip!

Tee-Victoria's Secret
Shorts-DIY ombre
Shoes-Sperry's (it was raining today)
Watch-My husband's
The G baby requested some chocolate milk...choc milk and cashews, stocking up on his protein

The poor baby had two shots today...and how she is quite worn out. She always seems to enjoy going to the doctors' though!

pleated poppy




Andi said...

I have been loving summer scarves lately, but it is definitely hard to find ones that are really light enough to keep cool on these hot days!

Jessi said...

Girl, you are SO pretty. Love the scarf. I can never wear bright yellow that close to my face because I'm so pale.
P.s. Just found your blog on pleated poppy!


Chris said...

I love scarves no matter what season and this yellow is so pretty!


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