Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hanging by a Thread

They say everything is easier with your second baby, and I find that is 98% true. Ari is a freaking BREEZE compared to the never-ending panic I experienced with newborn G baby. Most of it is experience, part of it is maturity (I'm almost four years older now than when I had him, and early twenties are crucial years for developing adult maturity I am finding out people!), and part of it is that Ari is generally a pretty chill little rufflebutt.
What's not magically easier?
No amount of experience, reading, trial-and-error seems to be getting us on track. Some nights are pretty good, and some nights are horrible. I am at an utter loss as to what is making a difference from night-to-night, since we try to stay consistent. We even let her put herself to sleep by placing her in the crib awake and checking on her every so often while she gums on her hands and eventually falls asleep.
The only thing she is consistent about is:
-taking thirty minute naps. that's all she will sleep at a time during the day. Words of wisdom from my Ma:
"Well...that's how your sister was. She only ever catnapped, even as a newborn. Of course she started sleeping 12 hours straight around 5 weeks.) THANKS MOM...except my newborn isn't sleeping 12 hours, it's more along the lines of is she sleeps more than 3-4 hours straight at night I consider that a giantly successful night.
So...I am wiped. G baby and I skipped story time at the library today because I'm seeing spots and my eyes won't focus and I was literally afraid to drive. We opted to have my husband drive us all to JcPenny and Lowe's instead to return some things for my mother-in-law and just basically to get out of the house.
I find that there is literally no makeup to cover up the true look of tiredness, so excuse my bleary-eyed look going on below:

Top-New York and Company
Bracelets-Wet seal

Dancing with the G baby...the boy loves music and dancing

My accidental ombre hair...the result of sun, old dye jobs, and a long break from coloring/bleaching during pregnancy. 

                            Tickling some little baby feet!

 Yes, I am still rocking my fanny-pack, much to my husband's horror/amusement (it's hard to tell). It's just so handy with the baby and all!
In full gear before I leave the house with my diaper bag/backpack and fanny pack. Hey, just in case you guys want to help me spread the backpack-for-diaper-bag-fanny pack-for-purse trend, mine are from Target and Urban Outfitters! lol!

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April said...

I love the yellow and green with the neutral statement necklace! And I have VERY OFTEN considered getting a backpack in place of our diaper bag! We don't even have a real diaper bag, just an old big purse that I don't use anymore. I refuse to spend $30 on an ugly bag just because it has a lot of compartments. I don't think I'd ever go for the fanny pack, though! Cute baby and little guy you got there!

Kristin said...

You look great! I really love the colors your wearing and your necklace. I would never know you where sleep deprived. Hang in there she will sleep someday. I loved the book healthy sleep habits happy baby. Helped me a ton figuring out sleep patterns and knowing what he needed. :)

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

You look stunning - not sleep deprived at all! I adore green and I'm a little jealous of that top :)

Dayi said...

Leah, you are such a beautiful & funny mommy. I'm also a mom of 3 and I swear the whole sleeping thing nevers get easy.
Found your blog on The Pleated Poppy and I love it *new follower*


LeeAnne, Style N Season said...


I just hope and pray that I would look as good as you after two children! Love how you spruce up the casual outfit with that necklace!

Visit me:
LeeAnne, Style N Season

Alexandra Elizabeth said...

You look FANTASTIC! Glowing!! Love the color combo as well! I need to get out of my all black everything funk and experiment with more colors!

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