Monday, December 5, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Christmas tree!

This isn't perhaps the best demonstration of a fashionable outfit. But like I said earlier, my options are getting low. Our little family went with my in-laws yesterday to a tree farm to pick out our tree! I tried to use my outfit to get in the Christmas spirit-I was thinking some fair isle and a scarf, but it was 65 degrees outside! I compromised  my outfit wishes with the weather and opted for a poncho (with lots of holes to let the wind in) over a cami, and some cute boots.
The poncho still doesn't really do a good job of hiding the bump-she wants to be seen!
Jeans-Old Navy Maternity
Poncho-Goody's (I've had it since high school)

                              The G baby mid-stride...he ran around the whole place!
                    Found the tree for us! The G baby is looking up into it to make sure there are no 'birds'.
                                                                          My main squeeze!
Some Dada love!

Later, (after a nap for me and G baby) we brought the tree in and decorated it. It seems like no matter how many strings of lights we buy each year, we always have so many strands that won't work the following year that we have to emergency-style go buy more. This year didn't disappoint! We had to run to town really quick and buy a box of lights-which really messed my schedule for dinner up. I was going to make chimichangas for dinner, and had set tortillas out. The G baby must have been starving by the time 7 rolled around (and we were still working on the tree), because this is what I saw emerge from the kitchen.
Notice the tortilla sticking out of his mouth...

With his own little tree

My tree-decorating outfit-my nightgown, hehe!



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Rolled Up Pretty said...

Love that poncho! So cute, and such a fun night decorating the tree with your cute little family! :)

Cerrisse said...

So fun!

Ania said...

The poncho is so cute, it looks good on you.

Sandy a la Mode said...

i am totally in love with your poncho! i have one that i need to wear.. but after i have my baby hehe!!

Lisa @ MMT said...

Cute photos! Love the poncho!