Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Must Have Lost My Mind

I must have lost my mind...that's what I think everytime I take the G baby shopping, just the two of us. Yesterday we went to the GINORMOUS mall in Charlotte to do some Christmas shopping. The first problem begins with the fact that it takes me an hour to drive to the closet mall...so when we start out, the G baby is tired and bored. The second issue of course, is taking a three-year-old to a huge mall and expect him to stay close by and not get abducted and/or destroy everything in the store. 
I'd be really curious to know how some of you deal with your kids while shopping. We have never really used a stroller-I even sold mine at a yard sale about a year ago. It just seemed like I always ended up holding the G baby and trying to push my heavy stroller with one hand. Now that he's older, I am really wishing for a stroller again, as I can really only hold him for about ten minutes at a time without crying in pain-he's almost 40 pounds!

Here's what I wore, trying to plan on being as comfortable as possible. There's nothing wore than chasing after a toddler and worrying about if you're showing buttcrack or not!

Blazer-The Limited
Tank-Victoria's Secret
Jeans-Victoria's Secret
Necklace-surf shop at Emerald Isle, NC

Eating a slice of pizza like a pro-in the food court. A cheese slice from Sbarro is my go-to food court food.

We did a lot while we were there-we stayed for around 4 hours! And I did actually get some shopping done...but the G baby got the better end of the deal. 
He talked me into riding the little train around the mall...

We went and saw the giant catfish at the Bass Pro Shop...which totally freaked me out. Fish shouldn't be allowed to get that large. 

He also played with a toy train in the Learning Store for about thirty minutes...scored two tiny dinosaurs from a quarter machine, played in the mall's play yard and made a friend (he stuck his hand out and said, "nice meet you" to this other little boy) and had some popcorn for a snack. And even though we did all that fun stuff, I went the whole day without buying him anything-something I'm trying to work on. I realize that it's important that he doesn't 'get' something everytime we go to a store, but I'm as bad as he is-he'll find something and ask for it, and I'm always like..."whoa! It's like they made that tiny tractor just for you-yeah you can get it." We do have a rule about whining though-if he starts whining, whatever he has picked out goes back. For instance, he wanted a tube of blue and white Christmas ornaments that he saw the other day and since they were cheap and a lot of our ornaments didn't survive younger G baby the past couple of years, I said okay. But when he picked up another color scheme tube as well and said he wanted both, I told him he could only get one and he would have to choose. He became angry and started whining, so I made him put both back. It's just too easy to give your child what they want to get them to start whining-which of course leads to more whining in the future. I try really hard to avoid this, but apparently it's impossible to stop the whining problem completely.
Anybody else have any good tricks/advice for taking their toddlers in public??



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Natasha said...

I just had this same thing happen to me yesterday. Shopping with toddlers = disaster. Nothing is worse then being in the dressing room UNDRESSED as they decide to crawl underneath the door and run....BOYS!

Something that has helped is renting those crazy massive strollers that look like cars at the mall. It seems so stupid BUT it usually keeps my little guy happy for atleast a few hours

your outfit is adorable!

caramelchica said...

Well, I don't think you can really COMPLETELY get rid of whining when dealing with preschoolers. I usually give an incentive for cooperating with me, and if the incentive stops working, I tend to think that I'm expecting too much and leave! But I did a whole blog post about this ;)

sarah@totalbassetcase.com said...

Love that blazer with boyfriend jeans...very cute!

momstheword said...

You look adorable! Loving the blazer (I don't have any yet, just hoodies, lol!).

When mine were little and we went to the mall I usually put them in the stroller. At three or four, they thought they were too big for it, but if they're too big for the stroller they're "too big to be carried," I told them. So they walked. Eventually they got tired of walking and gladly went in the stroller.

I'd buy myself a pop and give them some juice which kept them busy and happy for about thirty seconds....!

But you're right, going shopping with kids can be rough, and eventually they get bored and complain, etc., lol!

I did carry one or the other sometimes, obviously, because I loved to do it. But sometimes my arms and back would ache, as you said. So mostly I had them ride in the stroller.

momstheword said...
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Anonymous said...

That's a cute shopping outfit! But yeah, shopping with kids is rough. I'm using a double stroller these days...for a 3yr and 3 month. I have to bring lots of snacks for the older one and I try to let her out and "play" whenever I can. One mall nearby has a kids play area!

ADsMama said...

I make the husband do babysitting duty while I shop! It's nearly Mission: Impossible to get my 2.5-yr-old to stay in the stroller for 30 minutes before he starts fidgeting.