Friday, August 19, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Creamsicle Dreams (Plus a horror story)

Mmmm...I love creamsicles. Orange and creamy and super delicious. When I put this outfit on, it immediately reminded me of time?

Orange ruched tee-Target
Blazer-Levi's (Ebay TREASURE!)
Silk shorts-Target
Leopard flats (that got soaked in the dewy grass)-Target

 Earrings, below: Beamon Baubles

Yesterday we took the G baby to his THREE YEAR CHECK-UP.
Now, in case you haven't noticed in my pictures, my child is missing one of his teeth. And not just any old tooth-his top front one! When he was about 18 months old he tripped in our kitchen and fell face down on the *CERAMIC TILE* floor. When he stood back up, my husband and I were horrified to see that he had chipped off about a fourth of his front tooth. It bled. His lip was swollen. It was our first semi-serious injury. After some ice, he perked back up. Until...the next day. He was fussy and wouldn't eat and we realized that the rest of his tooth had a crack that went all the way up to his gumline, which probably meant that some of his nerves were exposed. We high-tailed it to the nearest pediatric dentist (an hour and fifteen minutes away of course) where they told us that our safest bet to deter infection was to just extract the tooth completely. The dentist office was very kid-friendly and the staff was sooo nice. One of the nurses even read the G baby a story while we waited to see the dentist. But...they asked me to leave the room while they extracted the tooth. It took like 2 minutes or less, but apparently there were restraining devices involved. The G baby was never afraid of doctor visits even with shots, but this was the kiss of death for us. Every time we stepped foot in a doctor's office or anything that looked like one he would freak. Even though that whole experience was a year and a half ago this visit yesterday marks the first time that he didn't whimper and cry the whole time we were in the examination room. The G baby weighed in the 35% and measured in the 65% for height. He had a vision test, hearing test, and we even coerced him to pee in a cup for a urinalysis (he has multicystic kidney disease read my post about this here). He did really well...but of course there was the usual G baby shyness/awkward behavior.
For example:
The G baby is sitting on his Dada's lap on the exam table eyeing the nurse with wide and distrustful eyes. She is asking us questions about his diet, habits, healthy history, etc. She asks G baby how he is doing. The G baby hangs his head down and refuses to answer. As she is talking to me again, suddenly he speaks.
"What was that honey?" The nurse asks.
"Lawnmower." The G baby grunts, barely opening his mouth to do so, his eyes still cast down.
"Ohh, you have a lawnmower?" she asks.
"No...Dada lawnmower. Ayah ( I ) lawnmow grass. mumble mumble mumble (not sure what else he said)".

This is pretty typical G baby behavior. I can't judge him because I am the same way. We don't get out much here in the country, so that coupled with a history of social anxiety aren't doing my social skills any favors.

For a special treat, after the doctor, Eric took us to look at some motorcycles at a dealership. They even had a tiny little toddler-sized motorbike that they nice store owner let Gabriel sit on, and she even pulled him around the shop on it. His social anxiety? Oh ya know, suddenly gone.

Just for giggles, here is the tooth chronicle in pictures.
              Proof that the G baby once had two perfectly normal front teeth. Sometimes I forget.

                     Here is his chipped tooth after the initial damage. I didn't get a picture of it the next day when it had cracked more-we literally went straight to the dentist.

                                        This is the G baby after a baby-tylenol induced nap with his swollen little lip.

                                After his dentist visit. He was perfectly fine after they pulled it-he even had a McDonald's cheeseburger on the way home!!

                                                  I think deep down, he actually liked his new look.
                   And of course, didn't learn his lesson in being less buck-wild and more careful. Here he is rough-housing and knocking his Dada IN THE MOUTH the very next day. Maybe he wanted them to match? What he doesn't know is that both of Dada's front teeth are fake/crowned. Because apparently being buck-wild and knocking your front teeth out runs in the family.



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Olga said...

Love the outfit!

what a story! He is such a cutie even without his front tooth!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Seriously one of the most stunning outfits. It's so simple, yet the colors, lines, and that necklace make it so special! YOU LOOK STUNNING!

Jennifer @ A Fine Romance said...

Aw...when my daughter was 18 months old, she stood up and pushed open a non-secure screen door...took her completely off guard and fell right out, landing her face first on the concrete step below. She knocked out one of her bottom teeth. I couldn't believe, I did what any red blooded American mom would do...I FREAKED OUT. And almost passed out, there was so much blood. But the dentist assured me that it does happen and they will get their adult tooth in right on schedule around 6 years old. She is 5 now and is still toothless in that spot...perhaps next year will be her lucky year. So,I say that all to say that I can relate...what an ordeal, right? Oh's amazing we mom's survive some of this stuff. :)

Cassi said...

That whole outfit works so well. I just love it

Terrie Mathison said...

Cute baby!
I came over from WIWW and love your outfit!! Perfect coloring for you and your are beautiful!

twogirlstwofriends said...

Fantastic outfit...looks so good on you!! The necklace is gorgeous!

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