Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playing Dress Up with No Model Lady

I've recently started following the blog 'No Model Lady'. I love it! Every Wednesday, she hosts a link-up where you show off an outfit-the thing that is really great though, is she encourages you to dress up! This week, instead of linking up with one of my 'Outfit of the Day'(s), I decided to play dress up and wear something that I love and feel pretty in, not something that is necessarily fashionable. I think I am going to do this every week when I link up...why? Because as a stay-at-home mom, I don't have the opportunity to wear a lot of the clothes in my closet. But also...because it's fun to play dress up!!
Large plastic orange rhinestones? Not appropriate or classy-but SO FUN!

Your Printed Polyester Princess,


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No Model Lady said...

Love it!! Welcome welcome!

Anonymous said...


dana @ wonder forest said...

you are so pretty :)
xo dana

The Sugar Mountain said...

Oh I love your posh style! I found your post on TPP WWIW and think its fab!

I'm blogging @
come by- say hi:)

Shannon Olson said...

I love your cute summer look!
I found you on the Pleated Poppy and look forward to checking out you blog =)

Lisa Anderson said...

Your dress is so cute! And you are gorgeous girl :)

Life as Leah said...

Thank you guys! I love these's always great to see what real women are wearing, everyone has such great style!