Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Outfit of the Day: High School Revisited!

This is what I wore earlier this week to do my grocery shopping and....are you ready...I have had this top since HIGH SCHOOL. I really get it when magazines talk about investing in quality and timeless pieces, because I really do hold on to stuff that I love and wear it for years.
I am the only person who has gotten progressively paler since Summer started. Why? Because this Spring, I could take my toddler out to play every day. Now it's been too freakin hot to stay outside for that long, so my tan is quickly fading!

Shorts-Old Navy
Leopard Flats-Wal Mart



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pleated poppy


Cait said...

I love items that just last for ages and you still love them, rare gems :) like that you have dressed up to do your shopping, I always end up feeling overdressed when I go to the supermarket!

Life as Leah said...

I usually feel overdressed too...but as a stay at home mommy, if I don't dress up for the grocery store, then I don't get to do it at all! lol

Linda Z said...

Such a pretty look... you are beautiful! :)

Allie @ AmaryllisTruth said...

i have so many shirts from high school i still adore! i love the nostalgia and memories they bring back!

so cute!

just found your blog from The Pleated Poppy, and am now your newest follower!

Babymama said...

You look lovely.
Timeless pieces have a way of doing that.


Amy said...

I think I still have a few things in my closet from high school too! You look cute!

Nicole said...

Cute top! I wish I had kept some things. I got rid of a ton of clothes about 5 years ago.

The Sugar Mountain said...

Leah- you always rock your look. just fab. xoxo

Jill said...

So pretty!