Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Wishes (3)

My third Wednesday Wishes!! Yippee!! Thanks Brooke and Bright Wishes for the link-up!!!

-Wish One-
I wish I could have a girl's weekend with my friends Lauren, Ashley, and Zocchi (Amanda). There's a ton of people in my life that I really like and care for, but only just a couple that I feel really close to. I would love to just hang out with my group of favorite ladies and chill!!! And maybe one day...but now our lives are so different but somehow equally busy. And Zocchi just had her first beautiful little baby and I am sure is just so busy (but so happy!) Love you girls!

-Wish Two-
I wish when we get home, all of our bags will magically unpack themselves! I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Our car is always full to the max when we travel, pretty much no matter how long we're going to be gone. WTF!

-Wish Three- 
I wish that Gabriel would eat ANYTHING that I try to feed him. He's not the best about trying new foods, and won't really eat meat or fruit (except apples). As a person that really values healthy eating, his diet makes me cringe. It's not that he eats a bunch of sweets, (because I don't buy cookies and stuff at our house) it's just that he wants to eat macaroni and cheese and baked beans everyday. Which I don't allow...but it's probably at least one meal every other day for him, lol. Fail!

-Wish Four-
I wish that I could throw out all of Gabriel's plastic toys from Wal-mart and replace them with wooden toys from The Land of Nod.
They have AMAZING stuff-but super-expensive of course. He would die over this wooden fire-station:

image property of The Land of Nod

We are on our way home today, finally! I feel a little like Odysseus (lol).




Brooke said...

I wish my daughter would eat food in general haha she is so picky!

Sarah said...

Tell your friend CONGRATS on her baby girl! And, I HATE unpacking as well - I always seem to bring back double of what I packed!

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